"Tech is built by and for people. So the question is: Who do we want our future builders to be, and how do we invest in them?”

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Miami Story

Gender Equality in Tech (GET) Cities Expands to Miami to Diversify the Tech Ecosystem

Miami named as the third city in Break Through Tech's national expansion.

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2021: Year in Review, overlaid on four different images of students working together, smiling
National Story

2021 in Review: Break Through Tech Learns, Grows

For Break Through Tech, 2021 was a year of evolution.

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Daniela Rodriguez, a Break Through Tech Chicago Sprintern, works with U.S. Soccer Federation’s Nicole Idowu at the federation's headquarters in Chicago.

Enhancing the tech behind the business of sports

Not all tech jobs are at tech companies. Five UIC women applied their technological know-how to a powerhouse of the sports world through their Break Through Tech Chicago Sprinternship.

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