Carol Power

Student Program Assistant

Anncarolyne (Carol) Power is a sophomore Honors College student at FIU and she is currently pursuing a degree in physics, with a possibility of instead doing a computer science degree with a minor in mathematics. Throughout her few semesters at FIU, Carol has been an active member of clubs such as the astronomy club and the Undergraduate Research Society. After attending one of BreakThoughTech’s guilds, she was inspired and wanted to get more involved in the fields of computer science and technology as well as help other students feel that inspiration by joining the BreakThoughTech team. Carol has also recently finished her role as a Panther Camp Facilitator, working for FIU’s summer camp for newly admitted students. In addition, after completing over two years as an instructor for a privately owned company at which she taught subjects such as precalculus, chemistry, and SAT/ ACT mathematics, Carol now works part-time as a Calculus Learning Assistant here at FIU. During her free time, she enjoys watching romantic dramas, going to the gym or walking around with friends and playing card games.

Fun Fact: She was a team captain for a competitive dance team.